Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Visual process overview and insights

Imagine if you could have a visual overview of your processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft Power BI has a package for exactly that.

Try it out in a trial tenant with both Dynamics 365 for sales, project, marketing or service is activated and also Power BI.
Get the content package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Process Analyzer.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Get information fast on Mobile

Deeplink from any mobile app to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile Client Application (MoCA)

You get an e-mail with a notification and need to make some actions in your Dynamics CRM Mobile Client for Tablets or Mobile Phone.
Now - using this construct you can place link in e-mails or from push notifications to open a specific record from within Microsoft Dynamics 365.
The construct of the link is:

Where pagetype could be entity, dashboard, view or create
ent is the entitymetadat logical name
and id is the unique identifier for the pagetype parameter.

Example for an account is:   

You can test it on your laptop if you have MoCA installed. Simple run the command (windows+R) in the example above.

Read more here.